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[sudden update out of nowhere]

[Alright the blog is finally back alive and running!

I apologise for the long hiatus but I had a lot of stuff going on plus a massive artblock

But now we’re finally back and hopefully for more than a week!

Thank you for sticking around even though the blog was dead for such a long time!]

(I don’t think I’ll be drawing Spike again anytime soon…)

[Decided to try a different style and I’m rather happy with it
Though they turned out to look older than intended


((Pics were a bit rushed.))

Spike: Ugh… Go to bed, Twilight! It’s 2 a.m!

Twilight: No way, Spike! I won’t be able to sleep until I finish this book!

Spike: You won’t get any sleep either if you stay up all night reading that book!

Knock Knock

Twilight: Who could that be? And at such an hour… 

[BTW, the book Twi’s reading is called “The Lost Cutie Mark”]

I wish the peace would last longer…

I wish the peace would last longer…